Are you in need of turkey hunting tools for the upcoming turkey season? Whether you’re an aficionado with an impressive shot record, or a rookie learning the ropes, the success of your hunting trip depends on the gear you bring along. The Monk's Gun, Tackle & Outdoors Store is the best online only outdoor sporting goods store for you. It offers the best turkey season tools and materials to use. This is available in affordable price. It has plenty of accessories, short guns and Turkey calls. Having these tools at hand, you are able to call in big birds for the season.

Below are some of the available items found in our store.

# 1. Woodhaven custom calls


• This is a mechanical type of tool.

• It produces its musical rhythm after you strike it with the striker stick.

• It is made up of anodized aluminum material made by Woodhaven Calls.

# 2.Woodhaven Custom Calls Stinger 


• It is well known as Pro Series Classic V3 Mth Call.

• It is used in producing musical turkey calls.

• It is played by the mouth.

• Its length is 3.9500 inches.

• Made of soft white tape/ latex material.

• It is available in two colors only; white or green.

# 3. Long beard 12ga 3H 1-3/ 4oz 1200fps (the Winchester Long Beard XR Turkey Ammunition)

This tool uses Shot- Lok Technology. It is an accessory used in during turkey hunting. Its main purpose is to protect shots during in- bore acceleration. The shot does start from barrel near perfectly round from extremely tight long range patterns. One gets twice the number of pallets in a 10’’ circle out to 60 yards. It has a 10% greater penetration over standard lead loads. This is the best ammo for your turkey hunt during this season.


• It is manufactured by the Winchester Ammo Company.

• Its gauge is 12 with a shell length of 3’’.

• The shot weight of the item is 1 3/4oz.

• It holds a capacity of 10 shots.

# 4.Beretta A350 Xtrema 12ga. 3.5’’  

This is a Monk’s Gun Shop choice for turkey hunting!


• The product description is 28’’VR CT-1 MAX-5 CAMO SYN.

• This product is manufactured by the Beretta Company.

• The device is a 12ga. (also available in 20 ga.)

• It has barrel length of 28 inches and with an overall length of 48.5 inches.

• The stock material is synthetic with a semi – auto action type.

• Its maximum chamber size is 3.5’’.

# 5.Hs Strut Turkey Vest

This is the best vest – hunting attire to use during turkey hunting.


• It is made of cotton or mesh material making it comfortable to use.

• It is available in large and x – large sizes.

• The available color is Real Tree Xtra Green Camo making it easy to camouflage while turkey hunting in the woods.

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